Clinical Teams

The focus of our clinical teams is on care, recruitment and education of selected patients. In addition to surgical and endoscopic procedures, clinical and phenotypic data are collected and clinical-statistical analyses are performed.

Clinical expertise from Heidelberg & Mannheim

In detail, the focus of the Heidelberg (HD) and Mannheim (MA) University Hospitals lies on the treatment of chronic inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) (HD: Prof. Dr. Annika Gauss, MA: PD Dr. Wolfgang Reindl, Dr. Anne Thomann), irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and pain syndromes (HD: Prof. Dr. Jonas Tesarz, Dr. Felicitas Engel). Recent work also concentrates on functional imaging of the brain in IBD and the microbiome in IBS (MA: Dr. Anne Thomann).
Our partners from the Surgery clinics of Heidelberg and Mannheim contribute with their great expertise on Hirschsprung disease (HD: Prof. Dr. Patrick Günther, Dr. Philipp Romero, MA: Prof. Dr. Michael Böttcher, Prof. Dr. Dr. Lucas Wessel, Prof. Dr. Karl-Herbert Schäfer), as well as on IBD (MA: Prof. Dr. Peter Kienle, Dr. Fabian Doyon, PD Dr. Steffen Seyfried). In addition, we receive valuable support from our colleagues from the Interdisciplinary Endoscopy Center of Heidelberg University Hospital (Prof. Dr. Ronald Koschny, Prof. Dr. Anja Schaible) and the medical practice for gastric and intestinal disease of Prof. Dr. Robert Ehehalt in Heidelberg. Histological evaluation of tissue resections and biopsies are performed by our partners at the Institute of Pathology in Heidelberg, a highly experienced team in the field of gastrointestinal diseases (PD Dr. Stephanie Rössler, Dr. Constantin Schwab, Jutta Scheuerer). Dr. Sabrina Klein and Dr. My-Lan Kha (Department of Infectious Diseases, Medical Microbiology and Hygiene, Heidelberg) are experts in clinical and diagnostic microbiology, antibiotic stewardship and infection immunology.
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